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Volunteer Services at SJGH

Volunteer Services

Why volunteer at SJGH?

What types of volunteer opportunities are available at SJGH?

I. Patient navigation (Way Finders)

As a Way Finder, you will assist patients and guests with making their way around the hospital. Way finders should assist patients and guests with locating major locations in the hospital (cafeteria, post office, pharmacy, etc.), light computer work, and clerical duties as needed and other duties as assigned.

II. Patient and family advisor counselling (PFAC)

Patients and their families are knowledgeable members of the care team and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback about their experience at a hospital. The PFAC members are supposed to share healthcare experience with doctors, staff and other PFAC members and to participate in group discussions to talk about ideas for how our healthcare organization can improve care, quality, safety, and services. These meetings will provide a good platform to support patients with serious illnesses and their family members.

III. Spiritual and religious support

Clergy and the representatives of all religions can volunteer to provide spiritual and psychological support to dying and terminally ill patients.

How will you benefit by providing volunteer services at SJGH?

  1. A training opportunity in the field of patient care related to type of volunteer service you will be providing to the patients
  2. An attractive uniform will be provided to all volunteers as a valuable team member
  3. Several healthcare services available at SJGH will be provided free or at a subsidized prize to you and your immediate family members
  4. An official certificate of appreciation for the services rendered
  5. Letters of recommendation upon your requests

* Please note that you should work as a volunteer for a certain period of time as indicated in your appointment letter to be eligible for the benefits mentioned in number (D) and (E).

Who are eligible to become a volunteer at SJGH?

Above all you should have a kind and warm heart with willingness to help

Please contact Dr. Chandraguptha Ranasinghe (Deputy Director)

Tel: 0112 778 610 Ext: 3102 or Email: depdirector@sjghsrilanka.lk

Our Vacancies

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