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Looking after COVID 19 patients at home

What type of COVID 19 patients are eligible for home isolation?

If a COVID 19 patient (Detected by Positive Rapid Antigen Test or COVID 19 PCR Test) is;

They should also have;

Health authorities (Area Medical Officer of Health (MOH)) will review and advise on suitability for home isolation of COVID 19 patients. It is advised to contact health authorities as soon as you or a member of your family becomes COVID 19 positive.

How do you look after COVID 19 patients at home?

  1. Isolate the patient within the selected room that has a separate washroom facility
  2. Provide meals on separate utensils reserved especially for the patient. Meals should be handed over by a family member with minimal contact while wearing N95 or Surgical face mask.
  3. Disinfection by washing hands with soap or alcohol based disinfectant is necessary following each and every interaction with patient.
  4. Any item contaminated by the patient such as bedsheets or other utensils should be handled with gloves and disinfected carefully.
  5. The call center of the regional health authorities will review the condition of the patient daily, through a doctor. (It is important to register home isolation patients to health authorities for this to occur properly).
  6. Home isolation will continue up to 14 days for a patient to be discharged. However, in patients where symptoms of infection persist after 14 days, that patient will be monitored until the symptoms resolve.
  7. If a home isolation patient violates health authority instructions, they will be admitted immediately and legal action will be taken against them according to quarantine ordinance
  8. Other members who came into close contact with the patient should also undergo home quarantine.

What signs and symptoms do you have to watch out for in such patients?

Be on the vigil for any warning RED signs of:

In case the patient has any of these signs: