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When to admit a COVID 19 patient

What type of COVID 19 patients should be admitted immediately?

If a COVID 19 patient (Detected by Positive Rapid Antigen Test or COVID 19 PCR Test) is;

Some patients can be admitted to a government or private isolation center if;

Health authorities (Area Medical Officer of Health (MOH)) will review admit to a hospital or government isolation center (Or if the patients is eligible and requests- to a paid private isolation facility authorised by health authorities).

It is advised to contact health authorities as soon as you or a member of your family becomes COVID 19 positive.

When do you need to admit a home isolated COVID 19 patient to a hospital?

During the home isolation of COVID 19 patients, be on the vigil for any warning RED signs of:

These patients need admission to a COVID 19 treatment hospital

In case the patient has any of these signs: