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Home Quarantine

What is Home Quarantine?

Home Quarantine refers to the observation of the apparently healthy individual, with possible high risk contact, separated from other family members in a non-health care setting. During this period these individuals will be kept under observation for any signs and symptoms of the disease.

Who will need home quarantine and for how long?

  1. Individuals who have been identified as a first level contact of a COVID 19 patient at work, home or any other setting. May need home quarantine up to 14 days.
  2. Unvaccinated Sri Lankan nationals and their children arriving from foreign countries. Following the day 1 PCR at the airport, if negative they will have to undergo a 7-day home quarantine until the result of the exit PCR/Rapid antigen is available. (DGHS/covid-19/347/2021 dated 25.10.2021)
  3. Sri Lankan nationals arriving from overseas, if less than fourteen days from completion of the recommended doses of vaccination will undergo home quarantine until fourteen days from vaccination is completed or for a period of 7 days until exit PCR/ RAT result is available. Whichever is earlier shall be followed. (DGHS/covid-19/347/2021 dated 25.10.2021)
  4. Sri Lankan Seafarers not fully vaccinated, arriving through seaports or airports, following a negative day one PCR on arrival will undergo 7 days of home quarantine followed by an exit PCR/ RAT. (DGHS/covid-19/347/2021 dated 25.10.2021)

Why home quarantine?

By following a home quarantine, you will not come in contact with anyone. This will prevent the possible spread of disease to your loved ones and community and help contain the spread of disease.

What you should do once advised to home quarantine?

  1. You should NOT leave your house at any time during this period.
  2. You should NOT get down any visitor to you place.
  3. Remain in your room within the house minimizing contact with your family members.
  4. Ensure good ventilation.
  5. Ensure that you wear a mask at all times you leave your room, and that your family members wear a mask.
  6. Maintain at least one meter with family members.
  7. If available use bathroom for yourself. IF not possible ensure all members wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds following use.
  8. Take healthy food and ample quantities of water.
  9. DO NOT take unnecessary medication especially antibiotics, steroids, antiplatelets or any other drugs other than any routine medication you have been taking.
  10. Do not share plates, cups etc.
  11. Always make sure you dispose your waste separately.

What signs and symptoms do you have to watch out for?

Be on the vigil for any signs of:

In case you have any of these signs: