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Histopathology Unit

Histopathology Unit handles various histological and cytological specimens to provide a precise diagnosis for patient management. Histopathology laboratories are enriched with latest technology and human resources in achieving correct diagnosis. The doctors along with the well experienced laboratory staff, working in close collaboration with relevant clinical units, ensure the patients a reliable and a convenient service

Many varieties of specimens are examined in the histopathology unit. Some of those specimens are surgical specimens, endoscopic specimens, bronchoscopic specimens, specimens from fine needle aspirations, skin biopsies and renal biopsies. The unit also handles Intra-Operative Imprint biopsies and frozen sections in order to help surgeons to make intra operative decisions. All processed histopathological specimens are kept for about 8 years to make them available again in case of indicated second look and to compare the prevailing status of a disease with previous specimen.

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