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OUR SERVICES - Anaesthesiology Unit

Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital has all the modern facilities in operation theatres to provide state of art intraoperative monitoring during anaesthesia for all types of surgeries. Anaesthesia for all types of surgeries including cardiac surgeries, optimum preoperative care for all surgical candidates, postoperative acute pain relief services, pain relief services (Epidural) for mothers in labour and critical care for the patients in ICUs are some of the services provided by the Anaesthesiology Unit. This unit is very specialized in intensive care management. All the intensive care units are equipped with modern facilities to assist the anaesthetic team to provide personalized critical care. The team immediately attends on cardiac arrests effectively through the hospital "cardiac call" alarming system. All High Dependency Units of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital are under the direct supervision of the anaesthesiology team.

The anaesthesiology department is led by four consultant anaesthesiologists who are specialized in adult and paediatric anaesthesia and critical care. This highly integrated, dynamic, motivated group also consists of postgraduate trainees and senior medical officers. They are committed to provide the best and safest possible care to adult and paediatric patients requiring anaesthesia, analgesia and intensive care to patients.

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