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OUR SERVICES - Cardiology Unit

The Cardiology Unit of the Advanced Cardiac Centre of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital is comprised of the cardiology ward, the Coronary Care Unit, the High Dependency Unit, the Cardiac Catheterization Lab and the Cardiac Investigation Unit and cardio electro physiology unit each of which provides a unique aspect of cardiac patient care.

Cardiology ward, CCU and HDUcare for a wide variety of acute and chronic cardiac problems. Most critical cardiac conditions and cardiac emergencies are managed very successfully by well experienced and dedicated team.

Cardiac catheterization includes both planned and emergency invasive cardiac procedures such as coronary angiography, percutaneous coronary interventions, right heart catheterization, temporary/permanent pacemaker implantation, ASD closure etc. A wide range of cardiac investigations including echocardiography, stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure and ECG monitoring are carried out in the unit.

Cardiology Unit 1
Cardiology Unit 2
Cardiology Unit