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OUR SERVICES - Dermatology Unit

The Dermatology Unit of the Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital provides necessary inward care and outpatient care through general dermatology clinics. Facilities for minor dermatological surgeries and chemical cauterization facilities are currently available while electro cauterization and cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen therapy) facilities which we have, add more value to the dermatological interventions for cosmetically important diseases.

Dermatology unit provides a wide range of services for infective and inflammatory skin conditions, benign & malignant skin tumours and especially for cosmetically important skin lesions. Acne treatment, chemical cauterization for non-infective warts, punch grafts for cosmetic problems such as vitiligo, chemical peeling for cosmetic skin problems such as pimple induced pigmentation, anti-aging treatments for fine wrinkles and cosmetically concerned pigmentation disorders, liquid nitrogen therapy for viral and genital warts, minor skin biopsies, inward care for severe dermatosis, treatments for scabies, psoriasis & leprosy, minor skin surgeries, dermatological interventions in generalized or patchy hair loss and treatment for nail disorders are some of the services provided by the dermatology unit.

Dermatology Unit 1
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