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ශ්‍රී ජයවර්ධනපුර මහා රෝහල ஸ்ரீ ஜெயவர்த்தனபுரா பொது மருத்துவமனை Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital


The ENT unit of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital provides both in and out-patient care by a well experienced and highly competent staff. In patient care is provided with a 60 bedded ward and out-patient care is provided through regular ENT clinics. The ENT Clinic is well equipped with modern technology and there are separate Audiological and Speech Pathology units established under the ENT unit. The unit conducts separate hearing assessments and speech therapy clinics.

ENT unit carries out a wide range of surgical procedures including major head and neck surgeries and functional endoscopic sinus surgeries.

Well-equipped audio laboratory has the capability to carry out investigations such as pure tone audiometry, tympanogram and brainstem evoke response assessments. ENT unit provides endoscopy facilities for fiber-optic laryngoscopy and naso-endoscopic procedures.

ENT unit 1
ENT unit 1
ENT unit 3