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OUR SERVICES - Orthopaedic Unit

Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital has an advanced well established & reputed Orthopaedic Surgical Unit which receives island wide recognition. It is a modern unit with sophisticated equipment where you get all types of orthopaedic surgeries done under one roof. The unit is highly popular among post graduate trainees.

It is a special spinal unit which has a high success rate for scoliosis correction surgeries and other specialised spinal surgeries. This unit is among the leading institutes in the country to provide paediatric ortho-surgical care. The orthopaedic unit is pioneering in arthroplasties such as primary and revision hip and knee replacements. It is also specialized in shoulder and elbow replacements. These services are well established over a long time and bear a very high success rate. Diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopic procedures are also carried out by the orthopaedic unit. Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital orthopaedic unit is a well-recognized center for treating variety of sport injuries for highly professional sport personals. This unit has per formed the highest-number of total knee replacement by a single unit and pioneered orthofix surgery.

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